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    Control Panel - Monitor / TV Settings



      The only way to change my old monitors brightness, contrast etc. is through intel graphics & media control panel - Monitor / TV Settings.

      Problem is that it changes back to default settings each time the monitor shuts down, e.g. reboot computer, or standard turning off/on monitor when computer is idle.


      Is there any faster way in changing the monitors settings through Monitor / TV Settings, with batch file, cmd prompt etc.? Instead of opening control panel, navigating to Monitor / TV Settings, waiting for monitor to response, then setting the values, clicking apply, and closing control panel...

      Or, is there any way of making those settings default? Meaning any time the monitor turns on, could a graphics driver/control panel set the settings to desired values automatically?


      I have intel hd 3000 connected through hdmi to dvi of Samsung SyncMaster 960BF.

      Driver version


      Thank you for answers!