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    S5520HC Solid System Status LED (Amber) & solid ID LED (blue)


      After a change of a LSI 9266-8i Controller with same one, my motherboard doesn't work any more,
      Have System Status LED solid amber light & ID LED solid blue light!

      I cannot turn off the ID LED, I cannot power on the system,  I tried to clear cmos, last night I live the Server without Power, . . . . System_LED

      What does it mean?


      For the amber System Status Light I found:


      Fatal alarm – system has failed or shut down

      – CPU Missing

      – Thermal Trip asserted

      – Non-recoverable temperature threshold asserted

      – Non-recoverable voltage threshold asserted

      – Power fault/Power Control Failure

      – Fan redundancy lost, insufficient system cooling. This

      does not apply to non-redundant systems.

      – Power supply redundancy lost insufficient system power.

      This does not apply to non-redundant systems.

      Note: This state also occurs when AC power is first applied to

      the system. This indicates the BMC is booting.


      Tried with other 100% working cpu,s

      Tried the motherboard in a SC5650BRP Case, the same problem, solid System Status LED (amber) and solid ID LED (blue)

      All fan's ok

      All powersupplies are ok



      Motherboard: S5520HC

      2x Xeon L5630

      Case SC5600BRP (2x750W)

      Kingston RAM 6x8 GB 1333



      What can I try? Or is this motherboard fault ???

      Sorry for my bad english !



      thanks & regards