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    DZ87-KLT75 BIOS Update Error


      Hi Intel Team,


      After updating Management Engine to 9.0.30.**** I cannot update the BIOS to 446. Current BIOS Version is 346.

      Please give me advice how to update BIOS correctly or how to downgrade ME to Version with is updatable.


      Also see picture for error during BIOS update.


      Thanks for any hints.

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          Hello z-e-r-o, it looks like BIOS version 0346 updated the Intel® ME to version


          Since you are not able to install the latest version available, I would recommend you to do the following:


               • Try to do the update using the express file. This is a Windows*-based update file, designed to be used on Windows* systems.

               • Remove the CMOS battery and disconnect the power supply completely from the board. Leave the system without it for about an hour. Then try to update the BIOS again.

               • Last recommendation will be to do a BIOS recovery, removing the BIOS jumper from the board and installing the .bio file.

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            I tried the Windows express bios update --> bios update not working.

            I removed the CMOS battery for 2 days --> bios update not working.


            I opened the case during a bios recovery.

            The post codes are as followed:


            usb stick reading a couple of seconds


            and then it hangs.


            Is it possible to get an bios with an updated Management Interface.

            Because I think it don't like the Version

            Or a Version at least higher then


            Are there other possible Solutions that will help?

            Thanks a lot.

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              Will there be a BIOS Update with current orom and ME Version soon?

              The ME Version is quiet old --> newest is 9.1.xxxxx

              Same for Raid Modul 12.0.xxxx and new one is 13.xxxxx


              Otherwise, how I can get a working Motherboard again with working BIOS update?

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                OK. Yesterday I tried with another usb stick.

                After I disconnect every USB device and use the usb stick with the oldest bios for the board the recovery was working. So thanks to everybody.


                But I'm also looking Forward to a bios with newest moduls. :-)


                Thanks z-e-r-o

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                  Z-e-r-o, were you able to update the BIOS to version 0446? If this is correct, I'm glad it works for you.