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    Configuration for NUC remote setup


      I'm evaluating the D34010WYK for deployment in the field for remote sensing. It is a sweet little system (and low power) but I am having one issue:

      * When deployed, the NUC has no keyboard, mouse or monitor attached.

      * The systems are running Windows 7 64 bit with realVNC server installed for remote communications.  realVNC is used because a mixture of OS are used on the viewer side

      * When I try to VNC to it, with no monitor attached, I get a blank screen on the viewer (client) side after the NUC boots up into Windows

      * If I go over and connect a monitor to the NUC display port connector, the display is enabled, displayed on the local monitor, is mirrored to the viewer side and all is happy (i.e. I can remotely control and monitor the NUC). 



      ==> Is there a setting in the video driver or bios that I can set to enable video even if no monitor is attached to either the display port or HDMI port?

      ==> If not, can I install a mini display port -> vga adapter (or mini HDMI -> vga adapter) to fool the NUC to think that a monitor is attached?


      Once we get this resolved and the beta working smoothly, we'll probably be deploying about 100 NUCs in the field (replacing older units) and more to follow ... and I'm being pressured to start deployment by Jan 1!