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    IRQL Not Less or Equal


      Trying to build a new computer with a DG45FC board & E5200 processor.  Cannot install XP pro - stops while installing devices and i get IRQL error message.  Have tried disabling LAN, audio, serial ports etc in BIOS, nothing seems to work.  Anyone else had this problem???

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          Are you trying to install it with RAID?

          Is it the original windows CD or has it been Nlited?

          And have ou tested your memory? with something like memtest.

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            IMG_0073.jpgNo, not installing RAID.  I have run memtest86, no errors.  I have attached a pic of the hardware info screen w/ temp & voltage - maybe the mem voltage is too low?  have tried installing several times, and it always hangs in the same spot, so i don't think it is the cpu temp.  have also tried installing the pre-release of windows 7, it gets to about 2% and then stops.  i figure it must be some hardware issue with the board, maybe some bios thing?

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              OK, so what memory do you have? Have you set the timmmings manually?

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                i have one stick kingston 2GB DDR2 800 - have attached pic of mem test.


                sorry but must lave for several hours - thanks for your help thus far



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                  also have not set anything manually - just popped it in

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                    You could try setting the timmings manually if you feel confident about it. But first I would try to install another OS, at least form anotehr CD than the one that you are trying to know. (just to make sure it isn't the CD)

                    Also could you copy down the whole of the Stop error message with all the 0000 and everything?

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                      I have tried installing Windows 7, but it doesn't work either - i get a different error, but it won;t install.  i have attached pics of both errors




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                        i am also not familiar with setting memory manually - i am afraid of causing bigger problems and frying my system!  i have attached a pic of the current (default) memory settings in BIOS - i am getting the sense that somehow this issue is memory related



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                          hey, sorry i haven't got time today to have a good look at it, but i should have tomorrow.

                          Don't play around with teh bios then for now. You could try installing an OS from a usb or a live cd: slax from a usb or ubuntu from a live cd for example.

                          Just an afterthought... generally the IRQ less or equal IS memory related and you have only done memtest for 50 minutes or so...(2 passes) we many wqould consider the bare minimum. I would get hold of another stick of memory (you said you had 1 stick of  2gb?) borrow someone elses or get  a cheap stick to test with.

                          2nd afterthought,  try downlaoding and burning windows 7 again( on the lowest burn speed). The windows 7 error looks like a bad burn.

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                            Hello there,


                            Okay, actually i have checked on the microsoft link about the stop message that you are getting.


                            Before proceeding with any test, i need to know these things first:
                            - SL number of the CPU
                            - Exact Model number of the memory.
                            - Are you using any external card?

                            Let us know these in your next post


                            Try these steps and let me know the result as well:

                            - Build the system with basic configuration first. (board, cpu, 1 memory module, power supply, 1 hard drive, 1 cd drive)
                            - Do a CMOS clear by removing the CMOS battery for 10 minutes.
                            - Update the Bios to the latest version by Recovery Method preferably.
                            - Load bios to default F9 and F10
                            - Connect the sata drive to the 1st sata port, and the dvd drive to last sata port.
                            - Configure the SATA as IDE.
                            - Install the OS


                            - If failed, repeat the OS installation without the CMOS battery


                            Let us know the result.


                            All the best,


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                              well it looks like the windows 7 disc was indeed faulty, and after making a couple more coasters i ended up with one that worked, and the OS finally installed.  from all my research into this issue, it seems the fault lies with trying to install new components with original issue XP, which obviously was not made to handle things like SATA drives, etc.  I did try to make a slipstream disc with SP2, as this seemed to work for many people, but unfortunately my attempt at this faield due to issues with Nero.  bottom line - if you have this issue, installing Vista or XP with at least SP2 should solve the problem.


                              thanks for your help!!