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    Please welcome - script for automated FW building :)


      As I mentioned in a couple of firmware-related threads - I was looking into automating the SPI FW image building and I've come up with an initial version of the script, which does the thing for me without the need of going through the BSP step-by-step and mess up with calling all specific tools from specific places in a specific way :-) I hope it's going to be useful for the community and I'm willing to support and develop it if there's an interest.


      One current limitation worth mentioning is that it doesn't build the Linux part for yet (that "bitbake image-spi" thing). You'll need to provide the script with the respective files. If this whole thing takes off and there's a demand for that - that could be added later.


      By default it builds the BSP v0.8.0 for those who want the bleeding edge, but you can easily reconfigure it by commenting/uncommenting a few lines at the beginning of the script (see comments there).


      You can find it on the GitHub and you're more than welcome to use it, test it, break it, like it or hate it :-) as well as report bugs and share your success stories!


      alext-mkrs/galileo-fw · GitHub


      And one more thing - to Clanton team, if you read this - it would help a ton if you could stick to the same naming convention for EDK tools package (tarball itself and the dir inside) - that would make the build configuration more elegant and easy.


      Sysimage and spi-flash-tools are just fine, but the EDK one has different names between the BSP versions (0.7.5 and 0.8.0) and in addition - the directory name inside the tarball doesn't match the name of the tarball itself, which requires inelegant workarounds in the code :-)