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    DH67BL upgrade BIOS to v160 and now gives checksum error


      I just updated my DH67BL's BIOS from (I think) v146 to the latest which appears to be v160.  I updated the BIOS using the F7 method.

      After upgrade, at each boot I get a now checksum warning error - which I didn't get before.  Apart from this warning nothing else seems amiss (after only a few minutes of use).


      I have tried downloading the BIO file again and redoing the upgrade, but it doesn't change anything.  I tried clearing the event log in F2 setup.  But it keeps reappearing.


      I cannot find any other indication here that anyone else has seen this as a problem.


      The only change I have noticed with this release is that it respects the settings I made for a primary monitor (the previous version assumed it knew which one the primary monitor was).


      Where do I go from here to fix the issue?

      Do I need to fix the issue?