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    Intel HD Graphics 4000 in HP Envy m4 1050la, unable to rotate screen


      Hello everyone,


      I'm new to this forum but I really, really need your help.

      I own an HP Envy m4 1050la laptop with Intel HD Graphics 4000 running on Windows 8 64-bit and I often use it plugged to an external monitor that I have installed upside down due to space limitations in my workplace (long story). As many might know, screen rotation is not available from the Graphics Control Panel (or from anywhere else) in this configuration. Changing the physical orientation of the monitor is not an option either.


      Now, a few months ago I was able to find a driver that enabled screen rotation without any hassle. The driver was (I think) an official Intel driver so rotation was readily available from the normal Control Panel. No additional configuration or tweaks were required.


      Then my keyboard broke so I had to send my laptop away for warranty. The HP guys found a problem in my hard drive, so they replaced it and restored the system to default, thus removing the driver.


      Now I can't find it anywhere.

      Windows won't let me install the two drivers available from the Download Center (the only ones now) using the .exe, but when I install them using the .zip, the rotation option is not there.


      Now, I know there's a way to make rotation available because I once had it, but maybe it was from an older driver, or something? I'm lost and in the verge of jumping off the window here

      HP won't help because they don't offer support for features that are not "available" normally (why the frog did they disable screen rotation? beats me).


      Please can someone direct me to a solution? I cannot afford to be without screen rotation or my back will be deformed forever and my neck will eventually snap for all the crouching I have been forced to do.


      Also, I have tried using iRotate and such software to no avail, so please don't suggest that.

      If you need any more info, please let me know so I can post it.


      Thank you in advance!!

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          Ok, I found the solution.


          If anyone else is having the same issue, just run regedit, find this:



          Then, find Display1_RotationCaps, and set the value to 7.


          Rotation will be now available through the Screen Resolution menu by right clicking on the desktop.


          Let's hear a big clap for the geniuses at HP (or whatever) that "hid" the very basic screen rotation feature in regedit for common users to accidentally f**k up their systems by trying to enable it.

          Well done. We are very proud of you.

          Keep it up wasting our time in such a magnificent manner.

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            Hi Thanks for the information, This was helpful, But still i have problem.


            1. I could see the rotation option in the screen resolution but i could not change from landscape to portrait or vice versa and apply it, while change and applying its throws error, "this could not be saved try some other option". even if i change to any other option it says the same error.


            2. I have two display. the rotation option appears only for the main display not for the extended display. What is the way to get that.


            pls hlp me

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              sorry forgot to mention, my graphic driver is intel HD graphic 4600, Window 8, hp laptop