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    [D34010WYK][Noise] Strange high pitch noise when unit is off


      Hi there,


      I just bought D34010WYK and wanted to proceed with basic setup.

      First issue when the unit is off but the power cable is connected (no RAM, no mSATA hw attached) I can hear a high pitch noise from inside the box. It is not the fan, I opened the chase, checked the fan and even removed the fan cable from the socket - same noise. The bad part is that noise is present in the analog audio output as well - simply put I cannot left my speakers on , it is very annoying and very laud.

      If I start (power on switch) the unit the noise disappear just after the BIOS POST.

      I think something is not OK with the board, something related to a capacitor or other electronic part but I wanted to check here.

      Second issue is with the fan itself. Above 1600 rpm is noisy and it sounds like some plastic parts are vibrating or hitting something. I tried all the hints around the net but no luck.

      Can you please comment on this?