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    Fan noise from D54250WYK


      My D54250WYK has a
      very annoying fan noise. I have mentioned it in two other threads, but I would
      like to get Intels comment on this issue.


      I have had eight
      computers (all with ‘Intel Inside’) and other devices with fans. It is normal
      that we can hear the air flow more or less (a blowing sound). But it is not
      normal with this ‘sawing sound’ (circular saw). My DC3217IYE doesn’t have that
      sound or very little. Both of the fans run at 3000 rpm.


      I have attached
      samples from the two units recorded under exactly the same circumstances so
      they are directly comparable.


      If possible I would
      like to have the D54250WYK replaced – I am happy with the computing

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          Based on the sound I perceive it as a fan bearing issue.

          Please contact your local Intel® support team for further assistance.


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            I will do that.


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              Hi guys,


              I have the exactly same issue, and I bought mine just yesterday. After reading this post I already asked the store where I bought it form to change it with another one.

              However, Jan, I would like to know if your problem is fixed and after getting the new one, do you still have the noise?


              Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


              Thank you,


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                Just I bought an Intel NUC D54250WYK and I have the same issue. The sound generate by fan is the same.

                I'm very curious if your problem will be solved.




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                  Hi there guys,


                  So it seems to me like a general problem. The way I see it is like this:

                  1. Either Intel really made this unit badly and they release it knowing the issue, or,

                  2. Is there is a flaw on fan production for the unit.


                  I spoke with the store where I bought it from and they are willing to change my unit based on what Intel said: it is a faulty fan and it should't sound like that. However, if my second unit will have the exact same issue I will report it here and on Facebook communities about this problem.

                  No offence Intel, I really did not expect that form you. After years of flawless products to release a product as such without proper testing, that's really bad. And to make it worse it also cost a lot...


                  In case this  is the true, then I would try this product:



                  However, I am very disappointed by Intel on this matter.


                  I will keep you updated after 6th of January.


                  Thanks and a Happy New Year,


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                    Hi all,


                    I have alerted the NUC engineering team about the fan noise issue you've reported. We are currently waiting to receive in one of these units so that failure analysis can be done.


                    In the meantime, if you are experiencing this issue, please provide me with the SA# and serial number found on the label on the bottom of the chassis.



                    Lois H


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                      My NUC has the serial number:  SA  H14752-101

                      Serial Number.JPG



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                        Hi Lois,


                        Here is mine: G6YK341000B3  SA H14752-101


                        Thank you, and a Happy New Year guys


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                          In my case I already returned the unit. I'm waiting for next week to get the new one.

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                            I just got an i5 nuc G6YK349000NE   SA H14752-101



                            Same problem with the fan its terribly loud like something is wrong with it.

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                              Guys, write me in too... D54250WYK with serial # G6YK346002W6 / SA H14752-101


                              Have anybody tried playing with their cooling settings in the BIOS?


                              I've found that the default setting of duty cycle at 40%...100% simply does not work to me -- fan was constantly running at 3300 rpms and the bearing sound made me crazy. After changing duty cycle to 0%...100% (see image attached, BIOS v21), the long-awaiting silence came to my room. How does it work now? NUC is dead silent with 0 rpm until CPU get warmed up to 60C. Between 60C and 65C the fan is spinning up to 1900ies that is still barely noticeable from 3 feets away. And yes, above 65C you hear the wowing


                              From my regular office workload with word processing and light internet browsing, NUC is running silently most of the time and it is getting really loud only under the heavy load... that is OK, I believe. In other words, this setting did a trick to me. Hopefully, it will relief you too



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                                Under this circumstances you can get the CPU fried pretty quickly. I would not recommend it, especially for low voltage components. Think of all that heat building up on the mother board, RAM, and SSD.


                                If the next NUC I am getting does the exact same noise then I will consider that passive solution. However, I do have another question for the Intel representative, Lois:

                                - If Intel get's a fix for it with new fans, can we get these changed please?


                                I would really appreciate that on Intel's part.


                                Thank you,


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                                  SG1-Asgard, while I'm completely with you regarding the overheating problem, I doubt that 60C is little too much for the system components in a long run.


                                  To be honest, Intel says that i5-4250U has thermal design up to 100C -- ARK | Intel® Core™ i5-4250U Processor (3M Cache, up to 2.60 GHz)

                                  OK, we're not going to boil the NUC. Let's get back to the temperatures this little box dissipates. According to measurements from Haswell comes to NUC | silentpcreview.com, D54250WYK components are getting quite warmed up even with the default active cooling setup. I have no info regarding Haswell-based NUCs performance in the fanless setup so let me refer the previous generation located into the box with passive cooling: as of Logic Supply LGX ML300 Fanless NUC | silentpcreview.com review, D53427RKE was really hot but still running fine, no info regarding long-term restults though.

                                  Additional info regarding thermal design on NUC could be found at AnandTech | Intel's Haswell NUC: D54250WYK UCFF PC Review - Print View -- there is a thermal pad aimed to avoid overheating of SSD and WLAN cards, quote:

                                  One of the points to note is the presence of the thermal pad on the bottom cover right below the SSD / WLAN stack. In the first revision of the NUC, Intel faced some heat for messing up the thermals. In particular, high temperatures causes the SSD to stop working. These temperatures were the result of either high disk activity or heavy WLAN traffic. A thermal pad solution was provided for the original NUC after release of the product. With the Haswell NUC, the thermal pad solution comes pre-integrated. The fan speeds also seem to be a bit on the higher side throughout usage. Consumers used to fanless PCs are definitely going to be a bit upset with the constant hum from the unit, but we do have passive cooling solutions from third-party vendors (at the cost of system size).


                                  Until there are no overheating reports, I'd assume D54250WYK is better suited for high thermals...

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                                    You may be right on that Bloody_Nokia_Adept. Still, the noise is driving me nuts

                                    I will try the settings later on next week and see if I get better results, although I don't like the idea of lowering the fan RPMs just to dim the noise and have the temp getting high.


                                    Thanks mate,


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