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    Unable to Load Drivers


      Good morning.

      Since the Intel folks are busy would some one else please help me? I Can't get on line with either W8 or Linux. The NUC itself seems to be OK. I suspect a short between the headset and the mouse.

      After installation of W8 I got the message that the driver for the"network adapter was not installed". Apparently needed for Internet connection. I then downloaded a zipped bundle of all current drivers required for the Intel® NUC Kit D54250WYK and transferred same to USB Flash. Put flash in NUC and nothing happened on start but Computer recognized the flash as F drive. I then Extracted the files from F and transferred them to C where they remain for what purpose I don't know.

      Question 1: How do I Install the drivers?

      Question 2: Would Linux need Intel drivers to get on line?