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    My build..died in it's sleep


      three month old build refuses to power on..no case lights,fans,HDD spinups,nuttin..except small green onboard led light.  

      the build was perfect ..no hiccups..no driver issues..nothing.. OS install was flawless as was bios update .

      used  the pc w/o issue for 3 months..shut it down 1 night returned 2 days later...it was dead..no beeps,sqreech,puffs of smoke...just dead

      i've done all i know to do..tested psu and power switch in another rig..they work fine,reseated ram..attempted solo power on w/ no perifreals attached.

      still nothing.i assume the motherboard died..but ive never seen 1 die when not powered up..and after only 3 months of low stress use..

      the board was cheap..but i dont want to replace it after only 3 months..only to have it happen again..any help/ideas..be great


      Intel DG41TY classic series  mainboard

      intel core 2duo e7400

      2x2gb crucial ballistix ram   

      2x250gb seagate sata hdd

      raidmax 530w psu

      apc back-ups es 350 u.p.s