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    DZ87KLT-75K, Memory Issues Due To BIOS Issues *BIOS 0446*


      I don't need to say much but many know the Board has memory issues on way or the other the recent being in the latest BIOS 0446, I have 32GB in 4 x 8GB setup, but been having issue running XMP 1.3 1600 plus after several cold boots (Power Cycles) eg 4 or so the board will decide to drop the XMP settings or any memory frequency above 1333 set whichever way be it manual or through overclock assistant, it drops the settings and setts back to default 1333 till you sett it all over again and after few power cycles the three beeps and a reset to default again. Problem was on all previous BIOS versions 0336, 0344, 0346 and now on 0446.


      Only now the issue can clearly be seen on 0446 when the memory settings are dropped in favor of default settings after several power cycles, the board decides to shave of 8GB of my memory and display 24GB in the first page when BIOS is entered after the three beep error 24GB instead of 32GB and if you check the inner main page it still shows 32GB but with settings on default.


      INTEL FIX THE ISSUES, the board is good only the Memory issues in BIOS are letting it down.


      Plus on BIOS 0446 The memory latency has deteriorated i don't know why but it has worse latency compared to previous BIOS before the new 0446.


      Screen shots to prove


      24 of 32.png


      32 of 32.png

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          Hello Stephenb.b.r; we have seen this behavior in one of our system, however we were able to fix it by running default settings on BIOS.


          I’m trying to replicate it again using another motherboard (same model number), but we haven’t being able to do it since it is running a previous BIOS version. we tried to update the BIOS but we couldn't. 

          At this moment,  we removed the battery in order to clear the CMOS. We are going to try the BIOS update again and then, check if we are able to  get the same behavior you are reporting.


          I’ll keep you posted.


          Could you please provide me the model number of the processor and memory you are using ?

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            Hey Sylvia_intel


            If i set default it obviously fixes the issue but if i set the XMP or memory frequency to anything higher than 1333 then after several power cycles the issue will appear and at times it keeps decreasing the memory from 32 to 24 to 16 then finally 8GB and it runs out of memory to decrease and when it reduces the memory its random any DIMM not a specific order plus at times when it decreases the memory i get the error massage that system memory has been decreased when starting up .


            So please look into producing a BIOS with fixes for the memory issues on the DZ87KLT-75K for both the Frequency issues which was there before 0n the 0346 and below and the frequency plus capacity issue on the 0446 BIOS

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              Hi ihave similar issues here, the board is very tricky to configure it right...


              My configuration:


              Mainboard: DZ87KLT-75K BIOS 0446

              Processor: Intel Xeon 1230v3

              Memory: Geil evo leggera 32GB 4x8GB Kit (GEL332GB1866C10QC) 10-10-10-32 DDR3-1866 1,5v

              OS: Windows 8.1



              Following Symptoms:

              Set Speed of Memory in Overclock Assistant to 1866 it sets 1866 9-10-9-27 DDR3-1866 1,65v


              Reboot works and boot into OS. Then i am able to do tons of tests & Benchmarks or run Prime95 for hours without a problem. But...when i amke a reboot from Windows i run inte the "3 beep" Error...and have to use back to Bios button to get into bios and try to set other stuff.

              Last night it costs me some nerves (i was short before to kick out this board out of my system and throw it out of the window)...i found out following:


              Use XMP-Settings ... make manual settings exactly like geil  desigend the modules for...no possitive effect...make one reboot and i get the 3 beeps.


              After a while (when i had to went back several times to bios via "back to bios switch") i saw that the memory settings always totally different from then i made in initial setting...so i thought what can cause this.


              I uninstalled all Intel-Software from my windows installation beside the neccessary drivers and again set the memory speeds manual to the geil timings 10-10-10-32 1866 1,5v...and et viola:


              Reboot works several times without the 3 beeps...


              So maybe you check your software also.




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                Hey sylvia_intel


                Have you done the tests yet? plus when are we getting the BIOS fix its been a mountain of issues with all the current released BIOS



                The issues in may case are not software related as i have tested the components without OS several times so its not software related rather a FIRMWARE ISSUE In this case Firmware being BIOS

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                  Stephenb.b.r, I was able to set up the lab, but I did not get the same result you are getting, even though the system was updated to the latest BIOS version available (0446)


                  I used 4 sticks of memory XMP ready. It was set as 1600 MHz by default.

                  I enabled XMP profile 1 to 1866 Mhz,  I saved and I rebooted the system many times.

                  The total memory did not decrease and the speed did not change.


                  Have you tried using another memory kit?


                  At this point, what I can offer you is to contact our tech support department in order to replace your motherboard or your processor.

                  The only way to find out which device is defective would  be by testing another CPU on the board and check if the behavior continues.

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                    First i would like to know, what memory kits are you running clearly they are not same as mine, i thought the whole point of setting up a test is having the exact setup as the complainant, in this case not only me. I am using Corsair Vengeance Part Number: CML16GX3M2A1600C9 two kits to make it a total of 4 sticks and 32GB.

                    Plus i would like to know the XMP Version the kits you used have as all the people reporting memory issue like me have kits with Version XMP 1.3 regardless of the brand speed they have same issue as me Check the thread known as Memory Issues For DZ87KLT-75K, you will know its not only me.



                    Its clear that just running the XMP will not immediately cause the issues i have some times they appear sometimes not plus i have recently run recovery on the BIOS i don't know i it helped??? plus if you only restart the PC you will not spot any issue, it has to be shut down for a while at list for 5 minutes with no power from the wall remove the power cable from wall if necessary for the power to drain, then later on switch it on again after that, repeat the steps for at list 5 times and some times over 10 times and see what happens. either the 3beeps will appear and BIOS will forcefully reset to 1333 and on the BIOS 0446 the memory decrease might appear. the memory decrease i haven't seen for sometime now since writing this over 6 days ago.



                    Just more proof that the motherboard can run XMP and higher but that's not the point the BIOS is faulty, as the issue i have can be reproduced with the BIOS 0446 while running same setup.




                    Which Board Version did you do the test with as you can clearly see on the screen shot mine is version 304 date of manufacture is 29th MAY on the BOX. Plus i know for a fact there are Board Version 305 with C2 stepping you could have easily used the 305 Board Version or even you could have used an engineering sample board that is same as ones sent to reviewers that particular one was interesting as it had a J-Tag header for debug plus a detachable BIOS chip. the review sample board picture here:


                    Picture from http://www.techpowerup.com/184663/intel-desktop-board-dz87klt-75k-pictured.html plus all the others i saw on many other review sites was this type. the J-Tag can be seen below the CPU fan header and the detachable BIOS can be seen right above the BIOS jumper.


                    So any way



                    Last but not list, the BIOS 0446 messed up the latency of the memory its now around the 66.0ns plus or minus 1 at times but the point is the previous BIOS before 0446 being the BIOS 0346 and below did not have the latency issue the latency was around 54.0ns plus or minus 1 i wish i had those previous screen shots but i never thought the BIOS 0446 would mes up things like that, other than latency other Benchmarks are fine and more ore less same as before.


                    Finally just have Intel produce for us a working BIOS free from bugs there are many bugs reported about the DZ87KLT-75K BIOS but from the get go i only had memory issue with the speeds 1600 and above.


                    If you want I have tested the CPU i have plus the memory kits i have on a friends MSI Z87 GD65 Board and there is no such memory issues no latency issue or no frequency issue on the MSI board the Memory runs @ 1600 XMP no matter how many Cold boot ups you try no issue. The only good thing with the DZ87KLT-75K plus my memory kits and the i7-4770K is i have an advantage over the MSI, the DZ87KLT can run my kits at 1866 stable excluding the normal issues i have mentioned all over the Intel community.


                    So please have a BIOS fix coming our way i don't want to ditch the DZ87KLT as the Build quality on it is very good plus i have always used intel boards and this is the last one of its kind as Intel stepped out of desktop board business.


                    BIOS FIX PLEASE


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                      Hey Sylvia_intel


                      any update on the the situation? any good news heading our way? are we getting a BIOS update with fixes soon?

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                        Hi sylvia_intel


                        i have been fiddling with the motherboard settings and i think i have run into something that might help this whole memory mess.


                        it seems when i use manual settings on the memory section and replicate the same exact settings as the ones used on XMP profile from the memory modules as seen by the BIOS, something very strange i have noted it doesn't matter which side i set the COMMAND RATE slider be it 1 or 2 the command rate always reports its running on CR1T not that this is on the Manual settings so it might have something to do with the XMP as well though the XMP reports the correct CR to be 2T in windows while XMP is selected.


                        so i think the memory issue occurs sometimes cause could be the BIOS might be forcing the T1 command rate on the BIOS after several power cycles hence causing the 3 beeps and the XMP to be dropped and memory resets to default.


                        Just my thinking, have the BIOS team check the CR settings in BIOS. they can confirm my allegations by using manual settings and try moving the Command rate slider to either side which will not yield the desired setting it will remain on T1 as long as its manual settings.

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                          Hey Sylvia Intel


                          I never got a replay as to why the latency become bad with BIOS 0446, 0450, 0451 & 0452


                          My other memory issues got fixed since BIOS 0451, only the LATENCY ISSUE remains id like that to be fixed too, please contact the relevant department and tell them I'm still waiting for a fix to the LATENCY issue.


                          I have been very patient with Intel, i support this rather Great Board that Intel has decided to neglect for no particular reason, i know they are out of the Desktop Board business but the product is still and warranty and not EOL yet too.


                          So pleas fix my latency issue

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                            Would you please send me a picture of the memory latency but when running at 1333Mhz? According to Corsair this is the SPD speed.

                            corsair info.JPG

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                              Here it is Sylvia


                              I would like this to be Fixed as soon as possible its been too long,


                              1333 is even worse take a look at the AIDA64 screen, BIOS screen is just to confirm that i have set it to auto and is running 1333


                              1333 SPD AIDA64.PNG

                              1333 SPD.jpg