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    Can't run i7-4930K with XMP


      My new build with a i7-4930K will not operate properly with the XMP profile set. I'm using G.Skill F3-14900CL8Q-16GBZM 1866mhz 16GB (4 x 4). I should be able to operate this right out of the box, but it will not. The system becomes very unstable and restarts when trying to shutdown. If I set the memory manually to 1866mhz, the CPU will not reach it's 3.9 turbo  setting. It will only go to 3.6  Also if I test the system on stock settings with Prime95, core #0 is much slower than the other cores at passing the test. It WILL NOT pass Intel's Processor's Diagnostic Test even once.

      Do I have a bad / weak CPU. You would think it should run 1866mhz as advertised.