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    DH87RL Rapid Storage Accelerated Volume Selection


      DH87RL with BIOS version 0322 UEFI

      Rapid Storage

      Rapid Start

      Windows 8.1 x64


      Primary HDD

      Secondary HDD

      mSATA SSD


      I installed Windows 8.1 followed by Rapid Storage and Rapid Start. SATA operation mode is RAID. With Rapid Start setup and installed I moved to configure my cache drive. When I went to accelerate Rapid Storage would recognize all three volumes but only allow me to accelerate the non-system secondary drive. Even though Rapid Storage correctly showed my primary HDD as a system volume I was unable to select it. At this point I had a Rapid Start partition on the SSD and the system volume. I made no changes to the system volume when configuring Rapid Start. Next I decided to unplug my secondary HDD while powered down. When I powered up again the system was unable to locate a boot volume. The secondary HDD certainly wasn't a boot volume. Now I am unable to boot again with my Windows installation disk as the system BSODs before getting to the main install screen. If I look in the Visual BIOS there are now SEVERAL entries for the same boot volumes for UEFI. They seem to multiply based on the number of disks I have connected. None of them work. The system will no longer boot. I am going to remove the CMOS battery again for a bit to see if I can boot after that. There appears to be issues with the BIOS and UEFI boot. Any help would be greatly appreciated.