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    ASUS Taichi21 and a Displaylink Dock


      I am reposting this here. Trying to get it out as much as possible.

      This is

      what I received from ASUS Support.


      "I just got a reply , and for the

      TAICHI21, it does not support any dock station, it means there is a

      compatibility issue between the TAICHi21 and the HZ-1 dock, so it is not only a

      driver issue. You had better not connect the dock to the TAICHI21 for usage. And

      our engineer won't develop any new driver for this issue. Sorry if any

      inconvenience this case.


      Best Regards,


      ASUS Product

      Support Team"


      as a note the "HZ-1" uses the DisplayLink driver just like

      all the docks out there.