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    Intel DH87MC temperature problem.


      Hello, after update my bios to latest bios (04.11.2013) my memory temp show 75 c min . VR 56 C . Can not downgrade the Bios. Any fix ?


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          today i updated my BIOS to the newest Version and i have the same issue. Hope on getting a feexed Version soon.


          I'm getting sad... Thought of beeing on the bright side with an Intel-Board....





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            A BIOS with a fix for this issue is in the works. The same issue that is causing the BIOS to see incorrect temperature readings also affects the Intel(R) Desktop Utilities application in the Windows environment. The BIOS fix will address this as well. We don't have a firm ETA for the BIOS release as yet, but it is measured in weeks not months...



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              Is it safe to use pc with this bios ? Cannot damage anything?

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                I have the same problem.


                Also, which is probably related, my CPU fan started running at full speed as soon as I upgraded. (My other fans are not affected as they are controlled by a speed controller connected directly to the PSU.) I managed to bring the CPU fan speed down to where it was before the ugprade by switching the CPU fan speed control from AUTOMATIC to MANUAL.



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                  Hello Guys, I am trying to find out if this behavior could or not damage your system. As soon as I receive the information I will let you know what to do.


                  Thanks in advance.

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                    We use diodes or thermistors to implement the on-board sensors (VR and Memory). In some designs, an offset is necessary to "zero" the sensor and make readings accurate and the DH87MC board is one of these. We have an issue here where the offsets were accidently dropped from the BIOS. This results, in this board's case, in the readings being artificially high.


                    From an impact standpoint, the incorrect readings can be ignored. Within Intel(R) Desktop Utilities, if readings get high enough to cause alerts, the alert can be disabled or set to a higher threshold.


                    We are sorry for the inconvenience. Due to other fixes being included in the next MC BIOS, the BIOS must undergo full validation and thus will be a few weeks before release...



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                      what is wrong now ? Have installed Bios 0153 and Set Cooling in bios to Balanced (4) and my CPU Cooler when run PC 1980rpm running and CPU One Core 34 and other cores bolow 34. Only when Set to 2 or lower, cooler run with 1050 RPM. Another Bios bug ? Memory and VR ok now.

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                        We are waiting for the release of a new BIOS version in order to fix this behavior


                        Additional information on the following thread https://communities.intel.com/thread/45877

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                          I was just able to reproduce your symptoms with a DZ87KLT-75K board as well - which means this problem is not specific to this particular BIOS or even the DH87MC board. We are working to identify a solution...



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                            I have since confirmed that there is indeed a bug in the fan speed control configuration code. The Intel(R) Quiet System Technology (QST) algorithms in the eSIO are being improperly programmed if either the Piece-Wise Linear or Simple Linear algorithms are selected. I am currently working on a fix. Updated releases of the BIOS for each board, as well as an updated release of Intel(R) Desktop Utilities (since it shares the same code), will be necessary to address the issue completely.


                            It will take a few weeks for the fix and the subsequent BIOS and IDU updates to be fully verified and released. In the meantime, if you are using the advanced cooling configuration parameters, stick with the Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) or Temperature Range Management algorithms. For those using only the Visual BIOS Cooling Assistant slider, this means using only settings 0, 1 or 2 for now...


                            Sorry for the inconvenience,


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                              Wondering if others are still having the issue with incorrect or unusual memory and vr temperature readings on their HD87MC motherboard.  I bought mine last week along with a Core i5-4670.  I updated the bios to version 0154 dated January 23, 2014.  My memory temperature is 64 degrees Celsius and vr temperature is 59 degrees Celsius.  The processor temperature is 27 degrees Celsius.  I get the same readings both in bios and in Intel Desktop Utilities.  The memory modules themselves are cool to the touch.  Thanks.

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                                Thanks for your feedback Cool_Cat.

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                                  I've been trying to download the utility program ( on my DH87MC board and it will not open. I get the outline of the monitor box with the logo, but the wheel just continues to spin.  Has this been altered so no one else gets into the false temp reading issue?  Jim.

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                                    In order to get the fix for this issue, please download and use the latest version of Intel Desktop Utilities,




                                    P.S. I am tracking an issue wherein folks that have done Windows upgrades (Win8 to Win8.1 especially) end up in a state where all they see is the spinner. I have a workaround that worked for one customer that you can try if you are stuck at the spinner. Open the folder where you unzipped the IDU installation package, navigate down into the SMBus subfolder and then double-click on the Setup.exe file found there. This will run the SMBus driver installer manually. Click through and complete its install. Do a reboot (this should happen automatically when you exit the installer; do it manually if it doesn't). After the reboot, IDU should run properly. If it doesn't, send me a private message. Attach file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\FSC\FSCAppServ.log" to this message...

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