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    Fantastic NUC Surveillance opportunity on "temporary" hold - AVX2


      I won't even begin to estimate how much effort I put into this little idea. It seems AVX2 is causing a few problems. I have applied for the hotfix.


      Any comments from Intel?



      KB 1070 : XProtect Mobile Server 2013 crashes when decoding H.264 stream        
                  KB Area:  Usage        
      The XProtect Mobile Server 2013 crashes because it makes use of the newer hardware acceleration features (AVX2) of the Haswell Intel CPU (4th Generation Intel® Core™ processors - i3, i5 and i7). The crash occurs with H.264 streams.
      Awaiting fix from Intel so that AVX2 features can be used safely.
      A hotfix is available. The hotfix disables the use of AVX2 functions in the code so that XProtect Mobile Server 2013 falls back to using basic AVX functions.