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    Adata brand SSD Failures


      I have a DC3217IYE with 8gb Ram, Win8.0x64, and an Adata SSD model SX300 from Newegg.

      The unit was build in Feb 2013 and the 1st SSD failed in Sept.   Adata sent a replacement which recently failed.  I have requested another replacement SSD from Adata.


      By failure I mean the SSD is not seen in NUC bios.  I do not have another msata device or adapter to test the failed SSD.

      The failure occurred when the power was accidentally disconnected.  I am the non-professional 'tech friend' who has to repair this unit.  The user is in another state and cannot provide more detail on any pre-failure symptoms.


      Adata suggested checking on compatibility of their SSD with the NUC.  I'm not sure how I can do that.  Is anyone using an Adata SSD?

      Any advise on whether there might be some incompatibility or issue related to the failures?


      If there were to be another SSD failure it would be easier to replace an external SSD.  I have had much better luck with 2.5" SSD drives and would like to know if I could use a cable to connect an external SSD to the internal msata?

      Is there an opening in the NUC to pass a cable thru?



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          I haven't heard of any problems with Adata in particular.  I double-checked with the NUC team and they said they've used Adata mSATAs in the NUCs without issues.


          Does the NUC have a thermal pad in place?  If not the problem could be related to the drive overheating.





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            I am using the 256G version of the Adata SX300 and have not had any problems at all but it has only been a couple of weeks. But I have also not had any unexpected power loss either.

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              I have about 40 NUC DC3217IYE in use since 3 months. They are equiped with Adata SX300 SSD 256Gb.

              Of the 40 SSD's in use I have had allready 15 of them which have failed. All NUC's are equiped with the thermal pad and the fan has been set to fixed 100%.

              Is this a problem with the SSD's running to hot, or is there another problem ? My vendor talked to Adata and they asked my to firmware update the SSD's which I did but this did not help. Has anyone had a similar experience ?

              I'm currently testing other brands of SSD's ( Samsung / Kingston / Micron ) to see if they also have the same problem.