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    DP45SG Windows Vista registered won't start ?



      I reallly need help with this matter. i just bought DP45SG two days ago, So when i install Vista Ultimate it installs fine and it also works fine when running windows in trial mode but problem occurs when i register windows and activate from microsoft, it requires me restart when i restart it then it won't boot it stucks between bootloader process or just a blank screen with blinking dot on it.


      i just googled it and found alot matters about OEM or ACPI and stuff but i really dont know what are all those things and how to solve them. Please help me out with this situation.

      (Windows XP Professional is working just fine.) do i really need some special kind of windows vista with dp45sg ? also before i got DG33FBC and it worked fine on that specs.

      My System is

      2.4 Dual Core Intel

      2 GB Ram 1333

      320 WD Sata

      Nvidia 9600 GT 1GB MSI

      PSU 750


      really thanks for your time and waiting for helpfull reply.

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