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    Re: Windows* 7/8/8.1 Driver (32 & 64 bit) Version 3345


      Hi Intel,


      Just want to bring an issue to your attention that a few users are having with the integrated GPU (HD4000/HD4600). I am a user of the Emulation related front-end Hyperspin and this plays video snaps that are in the mp4 format. The problem is that while these videos play fine outside Hyperspin, when in the program they are garbled multi-coloured messes. The programmer has told us that this is not the software and the problem possibly lies in Intel drivers. The software is written in Actionscript and uses a plugin for mp4 playback I believe.




      That's a picture of pretty much what it looks like but the corruption would take up the top third, and the rest would be green coloured. That is the problem we are having, it may relate to the fact that the videos are played in themes that can move them into different angles and spins in 3d space and things like that. Essentially like an old-school DVE machine for TV. Example: http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/media/362421/atem.jpg


      There is a community out there that would very much appreciate your help looking into this.




      Edit: Ive also just noticed that my screen name is not showing up, my normal name is, How can I remove my name from appearing on my posts?