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    Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 Adapter disables when lid closed.


      I am having a problem that I thought I had resolved using this adapter on a Dell E7240 latop.  When the lid is closed, the adapter turns off/disables.  This is on a Windows 7 Pro 64 Installation.  The action for lid close, battery/powered is do nothing.  The adapter is set to not allow computer to power down adapter (box not checked).  I do have a Proset Profile.  When I first realized this was occuring, I went through the settings and changed power, in Proset to PSP CAM.  This did seem to address the problem after reboot and continued to work, but something seemingly has changed.  I did review all of the settings mentioned and re-applied the profile, but the adapter still turns off/disables immediately when the lid is closed.  I do not think that this is a bug in the driver since I did get it to work and am running the latest driver according to the intel driver check utility and also latest Proset.  Neither the driver nor Proset has been updated.  I appreciate thoughts as to what else might be causing these or methods to debug/test.


      Thank you as Intel Support indicated that I need to post here.  Rep did not seem to even know what I was talking about.e

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          So, the same adapter worked properly in the same or different system? Did you contact the system manufacturer?

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            I have 2 systems, soon to be 80.  They are clones, so whatever worked in one will be the same as other.  It is not a problem with the adapter or driver, at least I don't think so.  I did have it working, but seemingly I changed something or something changed in terms of a setting, unless there is a bug.  My interest is in knowing if anyone had knowledge of all settings that might affect adapter disabling on lid closed with win 7 pro 64 and latest proset/this adapter.  I'm sure that I just need to find whatever setting is incorrect and change it back.


            Yes, I did contact Dell and they are escalating, not that they think it a bug, but tech didn't come up with anything and seemed to think that most would want it to disable since lid closed likely not using.  I need enabled to provide support should user not wire at end of day and better they close lid to protect.

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              I have some suggestions and you may check the results after each one:

              • Uninstall driver from device manager and Intel® Proset, restart the system, and reinstall Intel® Proset.
              • Try a different version of Intel® Proset.
              • If one of the two systems works you may try exporting a new package with the Administrator tool and apply it in the other computer. You may enable PSP CAM in such package.

              In case the issue persists I highly doubt is driver related. Did you check the update history or use Windows* System Restore?

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                I did uninstall both driver and proset.  What I learned it without proset installed, the adapter does not disable on lid close.  When adding in various versions of proset, the adapter disables.  I'd already had PSP set to CAM and connection active at all times.  I even tried setting PSP to 1.  Either an issue with proset or more likely a setting as it did work, so now using latest driver and latest proset.  I do want proset as best way to maintain profile for 80 common machines not having to worry as to adapters that may fail/be changed or motherboard / bios issues.

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                  Did you try any of the drivers provided by Dell*?

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                    Hello.  Thank you for continuing to reply.  Yes, I am presently using the "latest" drivers supplied by Dell which are Intel drivers.  The driver for the AC7260 is version dtd 08/01/13, Proset is  These are packaged together on Dell Driver and Downloads for these systems e7240 as the latest Dell tested drivers for Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.


                    I have also tried the newer 16.6.0 dtd 11/13/2013 found by running the Intel driver update utility with the same results.  If proset is uninstalled, all works as expected.


                    So, either there is an issue with Proset or perhaps more likely, an issue with a setting in Proset as I am certain that I had this working with this latest driver/proset version, but have no idea what has changed and have uninstalled and re-installed all drivers for this system.


                    Thank you.

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                      For all the people facing issues with  Intel Wireless 7260 or  Intel Wireless Dual Band 7260 ac cards. This is for laptops .. I don't know about desktops


                      I had a Yoga 2 Pro 8.1 64 bit and Intel Wireless 7260  was giving problem for connection speed and at speedtest.net . I attacked everything from my ISP -> Modem -> Router -> Laptop --> to wifi card spending 100s of hours.


                      There is no option but too change your cards


                      The steps to get it right  without  frustration ....


                      1) Get back your system to  the drivers and conditions that it was before.

                      2) Do not install  any drivers beyond 17.0.XXXX on your machine for any reason ( The Lid closing /power off issue. The card gets disabled)

                      3) Intel 7260n won't work whatever you do.

                      4) Go to this link http://amzn.com/B00GUNZUG0 and buy a 7260 dual band ac card ( Note this is for  Yoga 2 Pro ). Dell  etc may be different.

                      5) Buy a good quality  Torx and Phillips screw driver set ($20 to $25) .. don't buy a cheap set as it would shear and you may have to run to get a new one in middle of the replacement.

                      6) Search your tube for replacing card fr your particular computer

                      7) Replace the card. with your battery disconnected. DON'T CHANGE ANY DRIVERS  that came along with your original machine.

                      8) Restart the computer. ( Bluetooth won't work), Uninstall driver and Restart the machine.

                      9) The Lid closing issue  exists in 17.1xxxxxxx.... 17.1 is getting re installed ...uninstall and delete the driver (checkbox). This will get you back to your original driver that came along with machine. YW


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                        Hello svd6481,


                        Regardless of the brand Dell*, Lenovo*, HP*...etc. It is highly recommended to always consult with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) first and see with them what would be the best option if the intentions are to change the wireless adapter as they are the only ones entitled to provide a list of validated and certified adapters that are compatible with your system. Every system is different according to model and brand, and what worked for you may not work for others. Furthermore, Intel® Wireless Adapters for laptops are meant to be professionally installed by the OEM technicians on certified systems only.  Please click on the following links for further information.