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    Rapid Start vs Rapid Storage vs Rapid Response, etc.


      What is the difference between these? I am trying to configure Rapid Start but unable to install the Rapid Start software. I receive the error "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements". The system is running Windows 8.1 x64 in UEFI mode on a DH87RL desktop board with BIOS version 0322. Rapid Start is enabled in the BIOS and hibernation is set to Immediate following the instructions below. I have an HDD and 60GB SSD. I want to use the SSD for rapid start. SATA mode is set to RAID. Once that was done I could start setup acceleration in Rapid Storage for the HDD using the SSD. It looks like Rapid Storage setup a RAID0 array using the HDD and SSD. Is this acceleration considered rapid start? When using the instructions below I could do everything but set the partition ID. When setting the ID the partition would change from 'System' to 'unknown' and the system could not find a boot volume. At this point I have the 'System' partition set on the SSD but the partition ID is not set. It was booting fine but then on boot the screen started to cycle on and off during POST and Windows would never load. If I turn off Fast Boot I get to the Windows boot screen with the circle but the system will not get to the login screen. It just sits there. Thoughts?