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    DH87MC Problems with some Devices and the CIR




      besides the USB-Device-Problem in the other topic i have some other problems. I'll start with the CIR-problem:


      One reason for me for buying an Intel-Board was the CIR-Device. I need it and there aren't many manufacturers supplying their boards with these. I have a connector cable with the correct receiver-device plugged in. But no matter what i do, i can't get it to work under windows 8.1. I surely tried to use the special driver (2.9.1007) for windows 8.1 but the installation fails with the message "Can't find CIR device!!". The Hardware for itself is working properly. I can switch on the computer with my ir-remote when it is turned off. But windows (a clean install) does not find the device.


      One more thing: There are two more problems in my device-manager. One of them is called "PCI-Kommunikationscontroller (einfach)" in my german windows 8.1. I think it translates to something like "PCI-Communications-Controller (simple)" (PCI-Bus 0, Gerät 22, Funktion 0). In the device manager this device has this yellow sign and it is found unter "other devices". The Intel .inf-installer was installed.


      The second device - also marked yellow and found under "other devices" is an "Intel(R) LPC Controller - 8C4A". I don't know what the devices are doing, but i would like to have them functioning properly. What can i do?


      I attach a screenshot of the device manager and the two devices.


      Many greetings from Germany