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    Rapid Start vs Rapid Response vs Rapid Storage


      Could someone explain how these all work together? I have a DH87RL board with one HDD and an mSATA SDD. I was trying to get Rapid Start to work to no avail. My system is using EFI with Windows 8.1 x64. The instructions I linked below were no help in configuring it. The partition would change to unknown when I use the 'set id' command. The vBIOS is set to use RAID and Rapid Storage Technology is working. Maybe I have rapid start configured and don't even know it.


      My Rapid Storage Setup is in the image below. I clicked some buttons trying to turn on acceleration as I read that was needed. This is the result. Top array is my mSATA SSD.



      I followed the instructions here:



      When I try to install Rapid Start I get:


      I'm just a bit confused about all this. What did I just do? Why won't Rapid Start install? It is enabled in the bios and hibernation is set to immediate. Any help would be greatly appreciated.