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    Min() not declared in this scope




      While I do not yet have a Galileo in my hands (its on order) I downloaded the new IDE to see what changes I would have to make to my sketches prior to getting the board. While most of the simple example sketches compiled without a problem I did run into a issue that had me scratching my head, namely, when I loaded a sketch i received a compile error saying the min is not declared in this scope. From looking at another post it seems like the function is not implemented or I am missing a file. I am not the greatest c programmer but I would think that the min() function would be implemented out of the box.


      Some of things i did try was to include math.h - no luck and (2) to write a simple sketch with just the min() function. Received the same error. If min() is not implemented would like to know what else is not implemented or if I am missing a file in the IDE please let me know.