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    Remote Controller for D54250WYK


      Hi everyone.


      Is there any informations about remote controller for D54250HYK?



      I'm looking for a "Remote Controller" which can be as below.

        - Use with D54250WYK's Integerated CIR Port

        - Work on Windows 8

        - Emulate key input such as cursor,enter,escape


      I want to control simple UI application on Windows 8 via Remote controller.


      I've tested some Remote Controllers.

      All of them could move coursor with their bundled recievers, But not work with

      NUC's Integrated CIR.

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          I have the same problem. I've verified that the CIR is on and it shows in the device manager. Then I set up both IRSS and eventghost, and neither seem to pick up any signals from my apple remote, even though according to the internet, it should work.

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            After investigating the issue myself here is what I figured out.

            Intel nuc supports a certified Media Center Infrared Remote Control.

            This basically means a RC6 protocol remote is required.


            After saying that, Media Center remotes come in (as I see) 2 types:

            1. Certified (RC6 explained above)

            2. Other proprietary protocols


            The 2nd type MUST come with an IR receiver which translates the remote's buttons commands to keyboard\mouse keystrokes\clicks and movement.


            So, if you want a remote which is compatible to nuc`s receiver the solution is to buy a certified Media Center remote.


            Finally, as a nuc owner myself I ordered the following remote because it is certified (RC6), has backlight, programmable to control other devices and is fairly cheap:

            Inteset’s INT-413 Media Center Infrared Remote Control (without the IR receiver is priced $16.95).



            I use it with XBMC with no problem.

            Hope it helps!

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              Did you look into the option of using Eventghost or IRSS?