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    Intel SSD 530 problem after OS Shutdown


      Hi kford-Intel,


      My motherboard is ASUS Z87-Pro and the BIOS version is 1504

      Intel 530 SSD 240GB  SSDSC2BW240A401(Received through RMA by Intel)

      Windows 8 Pro 64bit

      i7 4770K (stock)

      G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3 2133 16GB


      After cloning the replacement SSD through the Intel SSD Toolbox, was prompt that I can start using it. On restart the SSD was missing in BIOS and Windows too.


      I had to unplug the power cord and also all USB devices and leave it for half an hour and reconnect all the USB devices and power on the PC.  At start-up BIOS detected the Intel SSD, double click my "Computer" the Intel SSD was present.


      To test if BIOS and Windows would detect my Intel SSD after doing a "restart"; yes it was detected during three "restarts".


      To see what happens when I have the PC shutdown for 5 minutes and power on again, this time both, BIOS and Windows could not detect the Intel SSD but my Samsung EVO 120GB where I installed my Windows 8 Pro is always detected by BIOS and Windows.


      If I want BIOS and Windows to detect the Intel 530 SSD ( which is still connected in my PC ) ;- waiting for some miracle to happen, I will have to unplug the power cord and everything mentioned earlier, and leave it for 30 minutes then power up the PC and it will be recognized by BIOS and Windows.


      Hope you can come up with a solution.


      Seems like the Intel SSD couldn't wake up or lock up after PC power off.


      BTW I have my motherboard replaced (new same model) and also changed a new Corsair RM650 PSU yet nothing seems to work.


      Hope this helps you in your quest for a new firmware to solve all this problem.


      Thank you.

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          Hi Redot,


          As you can see, I've branched this off to a new discussion.  Your symptom is different from the one discussed where you originally posted this one.


          The specs for the Z87-pro show two SATA controllers.  Which controller is the 530 on?  You might want to try moving it to the other controller or even a different SATA port on the same controller.


          In essence, this sounds like a timing problem when coming out of the shutdown state (S5).  Have you reported this to ASUS?  A BIOS fix might be necessary.

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            Hi kford,


            It was on the Intel controller and I have also tried placing it on (from SATA port 1 to 6) and its not recognized once I shut down the PC completely.  I need to unplug the Power cord and leave it for about half and hour and reconnect, only will BIOS recognizes it.


            No I have not reported it to ASUS. The thing is my Samsung EVO 840 120 GB SSD always shows up.


            Guess if a new firmware for the Intel 530 SSD will fix this hopefully.

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              Hi Redot,


              We can certainly wait for the firmware update to see if it fixes your issue as well, but I'm not optimistic.


              The way the drive is handled during a Shutdown is different than during a Restart.  The problem we are working on is for Restarts.


              Your description is very interesting.  I can't imagine why you would need to disconnect power for 30 minutes before powering up.  I've never seen a board that took more than 1 minute to discharge all the capacitors on the board once the power is removed.


              I encourage you to report this to ASUS.  I don't have a Z87-pro board to test with, but will check around to see if we can find one.


              A couple of things to try that might help us figure out what's going on:

              1. Shutdown your system.  Remove power for 5 minutes. Don't disconnect anything.  What happens?

              2. Disconnect all USB devices except keyboard/mouse before shutdown.  Shutdown and see what happens (don't disconnect power).


              I know you have the Samsung SSD in your system.  Any other HDD's?

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                Hi kford,


                I was actually following some one in other Forums, who mentioned to disconnect power for 30 minutes before restart.


                Did as you suggested for 1)  this is what happened:




                Intel SSD not detected


                as for 2) Intel SSD also not detected


                I have a Nvidia Qaudro 2000 card connected via Display Port cable and I have to unplug it otherwise power in the capacitors will not discharge.


                I also have two HDDs installed in my PC



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                  Thanks for the info.


                  The monitor connected to DisplayPort should not be keeping your board active with the power disconnected.


                  I wonder if the power feedback from the monitor is part of the problem here.


                  Do you have a different monitor you could try?

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                    Hi ken-intel,


                    According to the the technician I bought my MB from it"s normal for the current to go to the MB from the Nvidia  Quadro 2000 GPU .


                    But the thing is, why isn't the Samsung EVO not behaving like the Intel 530 SSD.


                    And I see many people using the Intel 530 SSD having either cold boot or reboot issue.


                    Hope you can come up with a solution.



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                      Hi Redot.


                      OK, we can wait for the FW fix for the restart problem identified in the other thread, but I'm not sure it will fix your problem since your problem is with a shutdown.


                      I tested my 530 SSD on several systems and was not able to reproduce the behavior you are seeing.


                      I still think testing with a different monitor or by connecting your monitor to a different port (DVI, HDMI etc.) could be helpful in diagnosing this behavior.  It may be normal for power to feedback through the Nvidia 2000, but is definitely not desirable.


                      I understand your point about the Samsung not having a problem.  Hopefully understanding what is causing the behavior will allow us to understand why the drives act differently.

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                        Hi ken-Intel,


                        Thank you, will wait for the FW fix and hope my issue can be fixed.

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                          Hi Redot,


                          The new firmware for the Intel® SSD 530 Series is now available.


                          Windows* users can download version 3.2.0 of the Intel® Solid-State Drive Toolbox at:



                            (Firmware updates are part of the Toolbox download). 


                          After installing the new version of the Toolbox, simply click the Firmware Update button to start the update process.


                          Non-Windows users can download version 2.0.9 of the Intel® Solid-State Drive SATA Firmware Update Tool and User Guide at:




                          Instructions for using the Firmware Update tool are in the User Guide.


                          Please let me know if this fixes your issue by posting a comment to this thread.

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                            Hi ken-intel,


                            After updating the firmware the issue was still not solved.


                            In order for the BIOS and Windows to detect the Intel 530 SSD these are the things i need to do:


                            1) When I shut down the PC, I need to also switch off my Dell U2412M Monitor from the main power point, only then will BIOS and Windows detect the Intel 530 SSD on a fresh start-up ( Samsung EVO 120GB have no problem, meaning I need not switch off my Monitor)


                            2) Immediate restart of the PC does not have this problem.


                            It's a hassle to have to switch of the power to the monitor every time I shut down the PC so as not to lose the BIOS  and Windows detection of the Intel 530 SSD problem.


                            Guess there is something missing in the 530 chips that is causing this behavior.


                            Hope you'll be able to come up with a solution.




                            Wishing everyone A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

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                              That is a strange problem. I use a 530 with Windows 8.1, with a Z87 board (not yours). I switch between two Dell monitors, a U2312HM and a P2714, using DisplayPort and DVI cables. I am using the Intel 4600 graphics on my i5-4670K. I've never had the issue that you have, the PC boots fine every time.


                              I have had some slight detection issues, such as a BIOS utility that shows components connected to the board, not seeing the 530. It never fails to boot given that. The new DC32 firmware fixed the slight detection issues.


                              Are you using the Intel IRST driver? I'm sure it is available on your board's download page. Or are you using the standard Windows 8 storahci SATA driver?


                              I use IRST 12.8, which has several power and performance options that can be configured with the IRST Windows software. Those are unique to the Z87 chipset. If you use IRST now, you might want to check those settings. I can enable DIPM, and set DSA (Dynamic Storage Accelerator) to the lowest setting, with all C-States enabled including C7, and my 530 works fine.


                              I know Gigabyte has a "hotfix" for at least some of their Z87 boards, that is used with the IRST driver, to fix drive detection issues. They've had quite a few user issues with drive detection, of any make of SSD or HDD.


                              I'm curious regarding how a digital monitor interface like DP can be sending "power feedback" to the video source, which then affects other components.

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                                Hi Redot,


                                I'm working to get my hands on a monitor like yours.  I'll keep you posted,  It will likely be next week before I can make much progress on sourcing the monitor.

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                                  I have have issue as mentioned above. I just purchased my first Intel 530 SSD 120GB 2 days ago, my motherboard cannot detect SSD during fresh boot. Unplug power cord and wait for 30 minutes then plug in again and boot, SSD show up. Reboot using windows no issue. If shutdown pc, the next booting unable to detect SSD again.


                                  I have upgraded firmware to DC32.


                                  Windows 8.1 Pro

                                  Asus M4A87TD/USB3 (Latest BIOS 2001 published on 2010)

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                                    icebits, if you're using a dedicated GPU with Display Port cable connected to your monitor, try switching off your main power supply to your monitor each time you switch off you PC.  Switch it on again when you want to use your PC again.


                                    This is what I am doing at the moment to resolve my issue and hoping that Intel will came up with a new firmware to solve this problem.

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