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    Broken fan on DC3217IYE




      I bought the kit almost a year ago. A couple of months ago the CPU fan started to slow down then and then, and i noticed one of the colored cables from the motherboard to the fan was very loose. Then two weeks ago it stopped working completly, and i notived two of the cables now were not connected at all. I tried googling to buy a new fan, but had no luck.


      I then contacted the intel support and recived the following:


      Dear Mr. Xxxx,

      Thank you for contacting Intel Customer Support.

      Unfortunately we are unable to send the requested fan as we don’t support this unit.

      Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced regarding this case



      So the question is what do I do now? Since intel does not want to help?

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          Hello Daniel25, if you have a defective fan on your product, it will be necessary to replace the whole device. It is not possible to send you only the FAN.


          Would you please send me a private message with the Intel service ticket in order to check some additional information?