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    intel D5400xs ram problem


      Hello, I have an intel D5400xs motherboard and I wanted to install more ram. I installed 4x4GB DDR2-667ECC FBDIMM but only 8GB are working. I checked each and all appear to be working on their own.


      win 7prof.64 bit

      intel D5400xs

      4x4GB DDR2-667ECC FBDIMM

      BIOS version 1.1.0.L70


      Channel A -  B show 8GB RAM

      Channel A - C show 8GB RAM

      Channel A -B - C show 8GB RAM

      Channel A - B - C - D show 8GB Ram


      Could someone be so kind as to provide me with an idea on how to make 16 GB work. I'm not overly familiar with bios settings, therefore a hint in this direction  might be helpful if the error could indeed be localized there.