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    drivers don't seem to properly install on Windows 8.1?


      I have a Sony Vaio Z running Windows 8.1 Enterprise and has 6230 hardware.


      I was having trouble with the out-of-box wifi driver blue screening when connecting to a Nokia Lumia 920 hotspot (known issue and now fixed). The driver was signed as a Microsoft provider and a version of something like (can't quite remember)


      I downloaded the latest 16.5.3 drivers and ran the Intel ProSet utility but the wifi driver was unchanged.

      I then ran the utility "as administrator" and again, no update or change.


      Hmmm, what's wrong?


      I then downloaded the latest driver from the Sony site. After starting the install it is clear that Sony has simply wrapped an executable wrapper around the Intel driver package - in this case v16.5.0


      It worked!!! My wifi driver updated and the bluescreens stopped. The provider of the driver is now Intel and the version is


      But, if I try to use the 16.5.3 package to update to the latest driver set it again fails. It simply fails to update things.


      Is the driver incorrectly packaged for use with Windows 8.1?