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    ssd 335 slow




      I recently installed intel's ssd 355 series and I'm very disappointed with its performance. I've read several reviews of this SSD and it was supposed to perform a lot faster. Here are the benchmark results I did :


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      ASSSD was writing at 0.35 average when it reached 4K, so I stopped it there as it would take over 40 mins to finish.


      What I've done so far :


      -I got it installed on sata III port and I verified that the link speed is 6 gb/s.

      -Turned off c-state an all other proc-related power saving options.

      -Verified that AHCI is enabled both in windows and in BIOS.

      -Installed Intels SSD Toolbox, ran diagnostics, optimized with all recommendations (trim etc.).

      -installed intel storage controller drivers


      Here's my spec :


      DELL precission t5600

      Dual Xeons E5 2630

      quadro k4000

      64 gb ecc ram

      intel C600 series chipset

      etc. etc.


      The main issue I got is that I'm comparing performance of app launching speed and windows 7 boot times of Dell T5600 with intels 335 ssd and a 2 year old pc (i7 2600k, 16 gb ram, muschkin Chronos ssd on sata II) and i7 is twice as fast as t5600 when it comes to boot speed and application launch speed, which is unacceptable, considering it's a slower system in every aspect and the ssd is running on 3 GB/s port + t5600 was just freshly installed and i7 pc has got all kinds of crap on it already.


      I would really appreciate your help.

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          It seems like ATTO*’s results are good; you may want to check if the other benchmark tools are running incompressible data tests.

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            I actually compared the benchmarks with those who reviewed the same SSD, only ATTO gives good results while other benchmarks are all lower than those in the reviews and I actually got better spec then they do. Honestly I don't understand why mine fails on tests like AS SSD (that is, 0.35 speed on 4k), but what worries me most is the performance when I launch the applications. Eg. launching 3ds max 2014 takes about 20 seconds on intel SSD on SATA III, but on mushkin SSD on sata II it takes 13 seconds. Something is wrong apparently I just can't figure out what.

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              I guess the Intel® SSD is not part of a RAID volume, is it?

              Is it possible to test the Intel® SSD in the other system with the Intel® i7-2600K?

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                No, it's not a part of RAID.


                I tested it on i7 pc like you recommended and it works good there. AS SSD test was able to pass 4K test with expected results such as those in reviews. So I guess there's a bottleneck in my t5600 workstation. The funny thing is, when I tested it on i7, it was connected with 3gb/s sata II and in my workstation it's flowing through 6gb/s sata III and when I hooked it up on my i7 mobo I didn't even install latest controller drivers or anything, just booted windows and everything was lightning fast.


                In t5600 i got 4 ports labled HDD0 - HDD3 and 2 SATA ports (which dell recommends for optical drives). HDD ports are controlled by Intel sas raid controller (I'm sure cause if I don't install it they don't work, which honestly I dont get why cause I didn't purchase any SAS drives nor RAID setup) and 2 SATA ports are controlled by AHCI intel controller. Now, when my workstation arrived, it had two hdds connected to HDD0 and HDD1 port. When I bought an SSD I replaced one of hard drives and connected it to HDD0. What I found out is that HDD0 - HDD3 operate on 3gb/s link, which is unacceptable. So I connected my SSD to a SATA port where the link speed was 6gb/s and it operates in AHCI mode, but the performance is still bad, again I tested with 3ds max launchig speed (12 secs on i7 and over 20 secs on t5600).


                Do you have any recommendations how to proceed?


                I'll contact dell tomorrow but I doubt they'll tell be able to help me cause their workstations are a very closed-system, there's no information on how they operate nor any information on available ports.

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                  Just in case you may try a BIOS update for your system and check if your Intel® SSD has the latest firmware.




                  However, for compatibility purposes we recommend asking the system manufacturer for a list of validated SSDs. Some SATA controller chipsets may not provide TRIM to the drive.

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                    BIOS and firmware are running on latest version. Chipset is INTEL C600 with integrated intel controller, so I'm assuming the compatibility should be good.


                    I've contacted DELL as well. They're looking into it.