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    IPMIDriver and snmpsa rpm for rhel6



      Our product is moving from rhel 5 to rhel 6. The Mother board of the product is INTEL S5000PHB type. We need the snmp subagent rpm for rhel 6. Does it exist? Is there any other place where we can get it? We also need the ipmi driver rpm for rhel 6 x86_64. I actually downloaded the imbsrc tar from intel and tried to compile for rhel 6 i386 32 bit  kernel. It compiled successfully but gives the following error while installing. I am not able to aompile in the 64 bit kernel at all as it says ioctl32.h is not present


      This install does not recognize this motherboard.
      You can contact your platform vendor to verify IPMI support.
      conflict with OpenIPMI driver
      /usr/local/ism/driver/imbload: line 47: return: -1: invalid option
      return: usage: return [n]
      insmod: error inserting '/usr/local/ism/driver/imb.ko': -1 Invalid module format
      /bin/mknod: missing operand after `0'
      Try `/bin/mknod --help' for more information.
      Intel IPMI Driver installation is complete.

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