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    Intel N 7260 unable to connect to a home network (WEP/Shared)


      Just took delivery of Yoga 2 Pro on Sunday with Wireless N 7260 and  Windows 8.1. Installed latest Wireless ProSet from Intel's download site.

      All attempts to connect to my home network that is using a shared key authentication with WEP encryption have failed. I have an iPhone, a Blackberry, a Mac, an Android tablet, an iPad 2, a Windows 7 laptop and a Windows 7 desktop all connected to this network without a problem.

      The WAP model is Netgear WPN802 v.2, standard 802.11g.

      Upon attempting to connect to the network, the following curt error message appears: "Can't connect to this network".

      My initial attempt was to let the adapter discover the network and type in the password when the prompt appeared. When this didn't work, I went on to manually create the profile using "Manually connect to wireless network" wizard. However, this was to no avail either. It seems that the drop-down menu for the "Security type" in the network properties wizard does not have "Shared". The two files attached show that  menu as seen from my Windows 7 PC and from the Yoga 2 Pro.



      Note I had no problem connecting to a wireless network in the office, where the security used is WPA. I've also been able to connect the portable devices mentioned above to that network.


      If someone experienced similar problems, I would really appreciate any tips or recommendations on how to make this wifi adapter work the way it is supposed to: see the network, connect.