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    Computer restarts when shutdown


      I just put together a new build with the components listed below. If I set the memory to XMP after a little bit of use the computer will restart when I go to shut it down. It will act like it's powering off then just restart. Everything else seems fine with the system operating. It passes stress test and memory test. If I set the memory to "Auto" in bios (1600mhz) it will shutdown just fine. I've tried loosening the timing, setting CPU VCCSA to a static 1.15v, nothing seems to work. I running Windows7 x64 off of a OCZ Vertex4 SSD configured as MBR. I've swapped out three different sets of memory, the motherboard and the CPU. I also tried a brand new PSU.

      I'm using:

      iRST Version

      Intel Chipset Driver V9.3.2.1015

      Management Engine Interface V9.0.0.1287

      Thanks in advance for your help.


      ASUS X79-Deluxe  bios 0506 *

      Intel Core i7-4930 cpu  @ stock *

      G.Skill Ripjaw Z (F3-14900CL8Q-16GBZM) 16GB (4x4) 1866mhz 8-19-9-24@1.5v *

      Corsair HX Series 1000W psu *

      ASUS GTX Titan driver 331.82 *

      Coolermaster HAF932 Blue *

      OCX Vertex4 128GB (OS) *

      2 x WD RE4 500GB RAID0 (Data) *

      WD Caviar Blue 1TB (Backup) *

      Lite-on SATA DVD Burner *

      CoolerMaster TPC-812 *

      Scythe Kaze Master Ace Fan Controller *

      Rosewell Card Reader *

      Logitech G-5 mouse *

      Logitech G-19 keyboard *

      Asus PB278Q monitor *

      Windows7 Pro x64 os

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          Hi ski-bum,

          I see you already replaced the processor and it seems to work, as this is the only Intel component on your computer. I recommend engage with Asus technical support for more information:






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            I've already contacted Asus. I'm trying to cover all angles. I'm thinking this is a problem with the computer not shutting down properly. I also think it may have something to do with Intel software (iRST driver) Was hoping someone has run into this problem before.

            Isn't this the "chipset" forum?

            Thank you for your help.

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              Hi ski-bum,


              I see you are using the latest Intel Rapid Storage software installed on the computer and I am afraid I do not have issues reported with the latest version similar to your computer problem.


              Most of the issues when computer does not shut down and restart are associated to power supplies. Please test the rapid storage software by uninstalling the application and check if your computer will power down without Intel Rapid Storage installed.

              Also, you need to check with your motherboard maker for different rapid storage version that might be customized for your motherboard model.