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    Macbook Pro 15 and overheating.


      The new Macbook Pro 15 with the 4th gen Haswell processors, are claimed by Apple to be in normal operating temperatures when within 50-90c degrees.


      This greatly concerns me as everything I have understood about computers is that over 80 degrees, and it's really, really bad for a computer. Instead of working for 5 or 6 years, it might not even make it past 2 years before the logic board fails or the battery succumbs to the heat.



      On the Intel website, they write that these Quad Core i7 processors with 2100 Iris Pro graphics can handle up to 100c degrees as their Tjunction. I find that strange because, if you are using your computer heavily for many hours - video editing, image editing, transcoding HD video, gaming or running virtual machines or heavy 3D applications, you are surely to put a high level of stress on the computer.


      So I am really wondering how 100c can be the threshold for a CPU, since it's not safe for the computer long term.



      Granted, the macbook pro is a very thin laptop with no a lot of cooling, but still. It seems irresponsible to me that you can reach those temperatures just by using it. I mean. Even idling at 50c degrees? How can that be the standard set by Apple and Intel? Doesn't it really damage the system and cause the internals to melt down?

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          Hi luffytubby,

          The normal temperature on a processor should be between the 40C and 70C. It can go higher depending on the task it is doing.


          I recommend you contacting the manufacturer directly. Intel® provides the hardware to computer manufactures and they will design and create their computers. Also, based on an agreement between Intel® and Apple, all support for Mac computers will be provided by the manufacturer only.