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    Was there a D865GLC type board that had 6 USB ports in the rear I/O cluster?


      Hi!  I just received a refurbed Intel D865GLC type of board that I ordered to replace the D865GBF in a system that recently stopped working properly (All it did was reboot multiple times or turn off and on over and over again.)  Anyway, I just received the replacement that was supposed to be a D865GLC (pictured with 4 USB ports in the rear cluster.)  Well, the one that I got had 6. (one stack of 4 next to the mouse/keyboard stack and a stack consisting of the Lan port and 2 more USB ports located near the audio output stack)  You might think, Yay!  However, I have a shield panel for the 865GLC board with lan port and the usual 4 USB ports.  I tried to look up the AA number.  However, it comes up blank.  Also, I can find nothing on Intel's site that matches the configuration of the board.  One, is this board for real?  Two, how do I find out what model it really is?  Anyone know what I/O shield panel will fit this beast? I have a short time frame in which to return the board.  I have it in hand so I would like to do what I can to make it usable.  However, I would like to know what I really have without having to install the board and look in the bios to find out what I have.