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      after going into bios setting and save and exit my PC shut down than reboot instead of restart........do n e guys have that problem....................pleasee

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          What did you change in the BIOS?are there post messages?

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            good night people


            first like to apologize for putting this issue to be in this space, but could not create a single post with my question.


            I have a mother board DP45SG with a system of hard drives in RAID 0, wanted to know if I can add two more disks to create another RAID 0, the first with the system and the second with footage. Is it possible?




            2 x HD 320GB SATA - RAID 0 (c:\ System)

            2 x HD 500GB SATA - RAID 0 (d:\ Footage)


            Total: 4 HD


            My Configuration:


            Board DP45SG

            8GB RAM DDR3

            NVidia Quadro FX 3700


            Font 1000W


            if someone can help me in this question.