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    D34010WYK2 and AVR (Yamaha RX-V467) => No HD audio detected :(


      Hi all,


      my config is simple : NUC D34010WYK linked to Yamaha RX-V467 with HDMI cable and AVR linked to full HD Sony LED TV with HDMI.


      After lot of problem with resolution and refresh bugs, I have fixed that with the moninfo. This program can create a inf file and override EDID when you put a AVR between NUC and TV (before do that, I was always at 720p when the AVR was in the chain).


      My last problem is that my audio configuration don't display HD possibility. In the audio configuration, I just see "possible type" : Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Digital Plus ...


      My AVR is Audio HD capable, I know that because before the NUC, my htpc used a AMD HD5450 video card and I was the HD audio possibility.


      Is the nuc support HD Audio? I hope yes...


      thank you for your help if you have any idea how I can get the HD audio.