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    NM Galileo project - 3D printer cartridge reader


      l'm attempting to make a 3D printer cartridge reader. We have two Stratasys 250mc ABS plastic 3D printers in IMR. We constantly changing material (colors) for specific jobs so we have multiple cartridges on our racks. Theses cartridges have different percentanges of material remaining inside and the only way to deterimine how much is remaining is to install each cartridge into the 3D printer that reads the EPROM.  This gives us the color, amount remaning and type of material.  But this process takes about 20 minutes each time. With the Galileo board I believe we could make a device that would read each cartridge just by a simple touch of the EEPROM.  This device wll help eliminate wasted time and wasted material by helping our techs and engineers quickly determine which cartridge to use for a specific 3D print job.

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          Clayton Hofrock

          Is the interface to the EPROM chip a serial interface or a parallel interface?


          With a serial interface, it should be quite easy to get something working, since it probably conforms to one of the already existing serial protocols. There are lots of references for Arduinos and serial interfaces, and it should be easy to convert. Plus you would still have enough pins to run a LCD to print out the values.


          If the interface is a parallel interface, it might be more difficult.


          Either way, you will probably need the manual for the EPROM chip to understand how to interface with it.

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            We have a Stratasys SST1200ES that uses cartridges too. They have a One-Wire chip that holds the info, and it can be read serially from the two pads on the cartridge. The problem is that the data is encrypted.


            There is a 1-Wire library for the Arduino, and I have used that to read the chip contents.