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    core i3 3220 HD graphics compatibility


      I have a Core i3 3220 in an H61 board. The bios is updated to latest rev for compatibility. I currently am using ddr3-1066 Ram which i believe is not compatible with i3 3220. With a borrowed graphics card installed and a monitor hooked to it, I was able to boot and install Windows. But without the graphics card installed, using the vga port on the motherboard, i get no video signal and 1 long 3 short bios beeps indicating memory error. My question is, could the i3 be failing to output video due to slower ram speed. Does it need at least ddr3-1333 to produce the video through the motherboard?

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          Hello Griinder,  it is very important to use  the correct memory  on your system in order to use the i3-3220 processor without generating any damage. (DDR3-1333/1600)


          However, the issue that you are experiencing could be related to the compatibility between the H61 chipset and the 3rd generation processors. It is require updating the BIOS to use the I3-3220 processor on this motherboard.

          For additional information you may want to check the following web site. Since you are not using an Intel motherboard you would need to contact the motherboard manufacture in order to get the correct BIOS version.