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    WARNING: Video OptionROM Authenticate Fail


      Intel DH87RL with BIOS version 0322

      ASUS GTX650TI-OC-2GD5 with BIOS version


      I receive the error referenced in this discussion title when booting the system in UEFI mode. For the time being I have left embedded graphics enabled as not to lock myself out of the system board. The Asus card does have a BIOS update for UEFI but I am unable to install it without an ASUS system board. The operating system recognizes the card and I am able to use it. One discussion post referenced enabling secure boot and installing the platform key but there was no effect. The error does not occur during fast boot. No issues occur in legacy BIOS mode.


      What does the error mean? What can be done to resolve this issue? I would like to disable integrated graphics and only use my Asus card.