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    NM Galileo Project <Smart Coop: Urban Chicken Coop Upgrade Project>


      The goal of this project is to trick out our Chicken coop with some much needed comforts for the hen ladies.  Hens are incredibly robust animals and can survive below freezing weather conditions but why should they have to.  I'm planning to use the Galileo board to smart up the chicken coop in the following ways:

      1) Add temperature control.  I would like to modulate the temperature in the coop above freezing.  I'll be doing this by having the Galileo read temperature and turn on/off ceramic (caged protected) heat lamps as needed.  The goal will be to have two independent temperature measurements into the Galileo to act as a fail safe for the chickens.  If a temp probe fails or if there is a large deviation between the two temp probes the Galileo will be programmed to turn off the heater.  It is better for the hens to be cold than cooked.  When a sensor does fail I would like for the Galileo to tweet/txt/tell me about it.

      2) Add lighting to the coop.  By adding a photo cell I can trigger the Galileo to turn on lights for the chicken for 1 hour after sun set to help extend there feeding time and hopefully increase winter egg production.

      3) Heaters to keep water defrosted.  There will be on outside air temperature sensor to trigger the heat trace for the chicken's water bowl.

      4) Out there goals: Ideally I would like some way to measure the amount of water and feed in the chicken coop.  This my be through a pressure transducer or a level (distance) indicator such as the PING.  I would like to be-able to log this data so that I can get a indication of how much the hens are eating versus laying through out the year.