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    D54250WYK switching noise



      I have the D54250WYK nuc. When the DC power supply is plugged in and the nuc is off, I can hear a very clear and annoying high pitch whine. This is particular disturbing at night with little to no other background noise. I believe this is from the grey rectangular chips on the board (a few of them are under the fan as well). Or in order words, I think it is due to the inductors in the power circuitry. I have other small motherboards with picoPSU power supplies and they make no audible switching noise when the computer if off. Is my board faulty or is this just how all the (haswell) nucs are when powered down? The amplitude and pitch becomes even more annoying when I plug in a 12V DC power supply rather than the 19V one it comes with.


      Appreciateupply the help,



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          My D54250WYK nuc doesn't have the noise you describe
          when the nuc is off. But it is there when it is on.

          What is worse for me is mechanical noise from the fan
          amplified by resonance of the casing. A workaround for me have been lowering
          the fan speed from 3000 to 2500 and placing a 2 kg smoothing iron on top of the

          I admit that I am pretty sensitive to noises, but when
          you live in a quiet place these noises can be annoying.

          I think Intel should address the noise problem in the future. It cannot
          be that difficult. I have had two Asus EEE Boxes, they were very quiet - so it
          is possible to do it better. It is OK with me if the nuc has had double
          the size - it is not a handheld device.

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            Hi Jan,

            There are several good passive cases on the market, so the poor thermal solution of the stock case isn't really a long term concern for me. But the electronic switching noise when off is possibly a design fault which I am much more annoyed/concerned about. You give me hope that perhaps I just got a faulty board, but I need more comments from others to weigh in. If you have the board outside and just plug in the external supply, I hear high pitch noises from both side of the board when it is not switched on. No laptop or other computer I have does this. Only some cheap AC/DC adapters for some appliances do around the house (which I change over for something better).





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              Hi shailen,


              This high pitch sound does not seem to be normal, I would say a problem with the NUC system, please get in touch with our Warranty Department so they can help you to replace the unit:






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                I returned the D5425WYK and now bought the D34010WYK. But this unit has the same problem. When the nuc is plugged into the power adapter, but the computer is off or in suspend to ram, there is a high pitch, low volume, whine. If you put your ear to the bottom of the nuc, then plug in the power, you will hear the noise. It is even worse in suspend to ram because it pulsates. Let me stress that the volume is low, so most people won't even be aware of it, but my environment is very quite.


                So I believe this is a design fault, as there should be no audible noise when the unit if off. What is wrong with this expectation?


                I will be sending the nuc back to the shop as faulty. But what should I do about the RAM and HDMI cable I bought for the nuc?



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                  Intel's warranty covers the motherboard. See the link below:



                  If you need live support, please log on to the online chat at: