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    DH87RL no video




      Just received a DH87RL. I did build a system; system did boot/BIOS splash visible.

      I did update BIOS (as per Intel recommendation inserted in box) to latest BIOS, 322.

      System did boot again with new BIOS/BIOS splash visible.

      I entered BIOS setup (F2). Made some minor changes:

      - System uses integrated gfx only, put this to enable always

      - disabled audio chipset (as it is a server like setup)

      - changes boot order of the HDD's


      After saving BIOS/reboot, no video anymore......monitor keeps in sleep.


      - When I remove the BIOS jumper, and hit F2 while booting, I do get to BIOS splash screen and then a menu to reset BIOS password (and 2 other options)

      - I have tried to clear BIOS by hitting F2 - F7 - F9

      - I have cleared BIOS by removing battery & jumper. I am able to get into BIOS setup; restore defaults (clock was reset - so BIOS seems to be cleared)

      - I confirmed that BIOS settings were as out of the box (I checked settings I changed)

      - Reboot....no video (not on HDMI, not on DVI); monitor remains in sleep

      - I have removed battery for whole night. Same results...

      - I have detached all sata cables...same result (no video)

      - I have a HDD with Linux installed and connected to DH87RL. Looking at the HDD led, it is booting. When I put this HDD back on the old MB, I can notice in the syslog that the DH87RL did boot linux (while I don't have video)....hence, rest of system seems ok. I am stuck, as there is a configuration issue with network, and I cannot remotely ssh into system...


      I have noticed many posts on BIOS issues....I only made a minor change. How come that this became a major disaster?


      By the way, I did build this system per recommendation of C'T Magazine; They quoted in their article that the first MB they received died after a BIOS update....I didn't pay attention to this, but there seems to be structural issues here, also looking at many other posts.


      Intel, pls provide asap a BIOS which fixes these issues. Somewhere I did read a post from Intel where they acknowledge the issue. Pls provide a timeline for a BIOS fix, otherwise I will RMA the board, which will not make Intel happy either (and me neither....)


      (Another major peef....the SATA connectors are to close to the edge. If you use a SATA cable with a lock, you are never able to release the cable...unless you take the MB out....or don't use SATA cables with lock mechanism....)

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          I spend most of my Saturday on this....:(


          Removing battery, removing BIOS jumper, wait 5min, retrofit battery --> power on (w/o jumper) does get me back in BIOS (while hitting F2 a few times during power on)

          I restore BIOS to default (F9), restore jumper, F10/save settings.

          Reboot still no video.

          I have used most permutations I could think of (in which order to do what). No result.

          I went out and bought the cheapest gfx card. No luck with external gfx card either.

          Change PSU

          Removed one of the tow DIMM's

          Still no video


          While doing this a few times, I noticed that ij the BIOS  I have to hit "enter" after F9 and F10 (I did not see this  - hitting enter - mentioned in any of the instructions)


          Next reboot (still no video), I did (blindly hit F2 a few times, then F9 + Enter and F10 + Enter.


          Magically, after the reboot, my BIOS splash screen appeared.


          I hope this helps a few others....Intel, sorry to say, but your BIOS is extremely fragile....and almost impossible to recover....I am not gonna touch the BIOS anymore.

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            Hi Hans66,


            I apologize on Intel® behalf for the issues you are having. We also appreciate the feedback bout the board.

            Just in case, we recommend doing the bios updates in order. I am not saying is your case, but sometimes users do the bios updates and jump from the original bios version to the latest bios version.

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              I can confirm the problem with version 0322 an 0323. It was exactly the same for me, as I changed the standard display adapter from Auto to Intel Integrated, no video would work any more. All ports, HDMI, Displayport and DVI have no signal but send DPMS-Standby to any attached display. This is not only true for the UEFI configuration and boot screens but for the booted OS as well.


              Will Intels firmware engineers read this or will the forum moderators forward the most common problems to them? This one seems to be a no-brainer, as it is easily reproduced and hopefully fixed.


              Hans, thank you for your fix blindly loading the defaults via F2 ... F9 Return, F10 Return. This worked for me on the fist attempt. My build is inspired by c't magazine, as well.

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                Hi tvs,


                I will forward this to the corresponding department but at the moment, can you please post your dxdiag report here?

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                  Hi Kevin,


                  and thank you very much for your response.


                  As the problem occours before a operating system is loaded, a Windows dxdiag report would be worthless. Hans described it:

                  After saving BIOS/reboot, no video anymore......monitor keeps in sleep.


                  Next reboot (still no video), I did (blindly hit F2 a few times, then F9 + Enter and F10 + Enter.

                  Magically, after the reboot, my BIOS splash screen appeared.

                  What he was saying is, that neither boot screen nor Intels Visual Bios would show up on the Monitor after flagging the processor graphics as primary video adapter in UEFI. The monitor would get switched in DPMS-Standby on reboot. The strange thing is that aside from not feeding a video signal to the monitor, the computer works normally. Operating systems boot and would behave just normal. But you have no chance using the computer as the monitor is black and in standby. VNC and Teamviewer to the machine confirm this.


                  So, this problem resists in UEFI or BIOS firmware, at least on DH87RL. Please forward it to UEFI firmware engineers as they would be the right guys to solve this.

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                    Thanks for the feedback on this matter. It will be forwarded to the corresponding department for future considerations.

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                      Kevin, Am also having this issue. Some times the video comes and sometimes not? Is there a solution available at your end? Please recall the affected ones. Am a fan of Intel since my childhood. Am very disappointed. I am willing to pay more just give me a stable board. Please refer my service ticket no.8000977760(India).

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                        I see you motherboard has been replaced. I hope it will be fixed with the replacement.


                        Kevin M