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    HDMI problem


      My D54250WYK NUC is connected to my monitor via mini
      HDMI to HDMI cable. The monitor is a Dell U2410.

      When I shut down (or sleep) the NUC the monitor
      doesn’t go to ‘Active-off Mode’ (Power Indicator still Blue and the screen
      showing ‘No HDMI Cable’. That means I have to switch off the monitor manually
      (and switch it on again manually when I when I want to use the nuc).


      With my DC3217IYE NUC and a standard HDMI to HDMI
      Cable there is no problem: the monitor follows the NUC whether it is on, off or


      Hardware or graphic driver problem? (Everything is
      updated of course) (OS is W7 Pro)


      (When I read a few other threads I think this issue
      could be the problems)

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          Hi jan_andersen,


          Did you test D54250WYK with another monitor?


          I understand the monitor works with the other NUC system but I like to know if you changed cables or tested with

          second monitor?




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            Hi allan_intel,


            No, I didn’t test with second monitor. But the monitor
            works normally with 3 different computers in my house via the same HDMI port so
            it is unlikely the monitor is the problem.


            The mini HDMI cable is brand new and has only been
            plugged in once. But theoretical the cable can have a fault (picture and
            sound is perfect – the only problem is that the monitor will not shut down/sleep when
            the NUC is shut down/sleep).


            OK, I have now ordered another mini HDMI to HDMI cable
            and a mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable so we have to see what it brings.
            It will take a few days to get it.

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              Problem solved!

              It was a defective cable.