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    i7 4770k failing?  or more tests needed?


      fresh build sometimes failing Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool. Took everything out including graphics card and extra stick of ram and did cross testing. All that's in the case now = CPU, CPU cooler, 1 stick of Crucial Ballistix Tactical, SSD, PSU. All settings stock, no OC.



      -BSOD - Memory_Controller error

      -Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool, sometimes passes, other times it fails at Integrated Memory Controller Test, Memory Verification Test 1 Fail. (Max temp 65 Celsius)

      -Memtest86+ for 9 passes(8 hours or so), no errors. (Max temp 48 Celsius)

      -Windows(8) Memory Diagnostic Tool, no errors returned either.

      -Prime95 FPU/Small FFT test: 1 core fails immediately (Max temp 74 Celsius)

      -Prime95 Blend test: Fails immediately: Hardware Failure, Fatal Error: Memory Controller error. (Max temp 77 Celsius)

      -DPC Latency- steady yellow, ~1000 Micro Second latency

      -Intel Burn Test, Fails Standard test within 5 passes


      Idle temp: 27 Celsius, Regular On load temp: 44 Celsius, Max temp during stress test 77 Celsius



      Full build:

      -i7 4770k @ 3.50GHz (stock settings)

      -GA-Z87x-UD4 F7 bios

      -Crucial Ballistix Tactical DDR3 1600 @ 1.50V, 8-8-8-24, 2x8GB, took out one 8GB module for testing purposes.

      -Plextor 256M3 SSD, Firmware updated to the newest 1.07

      -Corsair HX750 Gold plus PSU

      -Windows 8.1

      -Newest drivers installed



      Any help would be appreciated, thanks!