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    resolution problem with NUC Haswell and Yamaha AVR


      Hi, I have buy a NUC D34010WYK.


      I have a Sony TV Led full HD and a Yamaha AVR


      When I install my windows, the resolution is in full HD but when I install the Intel HD graphic divers, I can't have better than 720p. I have try to plug directly the HDMI cable into the TV and then, I have a full HD resolution. but I need to be plugged into the amp. to get HD audio sound.


      I think it's really a driver bug because when I go to the intel control panel settings of the graphic cards, I don't see any resolution , the combo is totally empty.


      Is it a bug that intel know? Does somebody have a tips for help me?


      note: I have another HTPC with a AMD video card and with this configuration, I have no problem to be in full HD when I'm plugged in the Yamaha.


      thank you for your help.