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    I7 2700k downclocks to stock speed under full load. Please help!

    kevin clements


      I'm having a problem with my i7 2700k

      If I try to overclock past 4.6 and run a stress test( intel burn test or prime95)

      My cpu will drop from the overclock to stock speed of 3.5ghz for a couple seconds and shoot back up.

      It don't do it at 4.6ghz. I have a custom water loop so my temps are in the low 60s at the hottest core when under full load.

      The rest of the cores are in the 50s. I have speed-step and all power savings disabled and power management set to active

      in windows. I have tried everything. I have been overclocking for over 10 years. This has me just stumped. The vcore and muliplier drop to stock

      in hwinfo.

      I am beginning to think the chip is bad.


      Any help or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you