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    240GB SSD 530 Recognized by Device Manager & Toolbox, but not showing up


      I just purchased the Intel 530 SSD 240GB and physically installed it into one of my computer's SATA ports.  When I turned my computer on, a notification box in the bottom-right of the screen on the toolbar notified me that Windows was installing a device and finally that the Intel SSD had been installed and was ready for use.  I opened Windows explorer, but the drive was not showing up.


      I downloaded the SSD Toolbox and installed that to see whether my firmware was up-to-date.  It not only recognized the SSD, but told me the firmware was up-to-date.


      I re-booted the computer and in my BIOS, tried changing up my SATA settings from AHCI to IDE, but to no avail; every time I re-booted, the drive failed to show up (but "installed" and even for a very, very brief moment, showed up as "F:" drive on my Windows explorer before inexplicably vanishing).


      It is showing up in my BIOS as an installed drive when I enter Bios setup.


      When on AHCI, I made sure to "Enable" all of my SATA ports, but again, to no avail.


      In Device Manager, the SSD is showing up as an installed device (Intel SSDSC2BW240A4 ATA Device).


      I already have a Mushkin 120GB SSD installed on my system, so I know my motherboard is set up properly to detect them, but for some reason it's not picking up this SSD.


      I have tried changing physical SATA connection points on my Mainboard (Asus P8P67 Pro) using the cable that came with the SSD, and it still didn't work.  I have tried swapping cables with one that I know works (from my DVD-ROM drive) and it still didn't work.  I plugged the DVD-ROM into the SATA port I tried using with the SSD and the DVD-ROM worked (so I know it's not a SATA port problem).


      To recap: 1) It is recognized by Windows in device manager; 2) The pop-up window on the toolbar tells me it has successfully installed; 3) it is recognized in my BIOS; 4) It is NOT recognized by Windows explorer.


      I just want to be able to access it on Windows explorer.  I have attached my DXDiag file to this message- the SSD is not showing up there either apparently.